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Bulldog can provide a full spectrum of treats, pet and bird food in a variety of quantities. We value our clients no matter the size and support smaller independent retailers. Throughout our years, we have taken pride in our products and their value for money. Our products are designed to be nutritious and appealing to the target species - all recipes are tried and tested for your peace of mind. Our packaging design is fresh, appealing and informative.

Bird Seed


Our Linkpet range is one our of established own brand products and is regularly stocked in high street stores. This range of products caters for rabbits, small animals, cats, dogs, fish and pet birds. Linkpet is committed to the best quality for the best price. We want to make everyone of our clients happy, and perhaps more so the animal that will eat our produce. Products, ingredients and equipment are sourced from sustainable, quality, environmentally-friendly sources. This and our pricing strategies are designed to make products sell quickly to ensure maximum profitability.

Linkpet products:

✓ Linkpet small animal food and treats range comes from more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing blended pet foods. Our blending plant mixes packs the food all in one process, ensuring freshness.

✓ Linkpet cage and aviary bird foods and treats are carefully formulated to appeal to the target species. The foods are specified to be both nutritious and interesting for the birds.

Linkpet guinea pig
Linkpet Rabbit
Linkpet Hamster
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Dawn Chorus

Our Dawn Chorus range is the most popular of our established own-brand products and again is regularly stocked in high street stores. This range of products caters for wild bird feeding, including fatballs, seeds and suet. The range is fully appealing with products for both the beginner and enthusiast alike. The packaging is designed to catch the eye with bold, striking colours. Our feeds are formulated to appeal to a wide range of garden bird species such as robins, starlings, magpies, blackbirds, pigeons, bluetits, chaffinches, starlings, sparrows, woodpeckers and many others.

Dawn Chorus products:

✓ Dawn Chorus loose seed, suet mixes and suet pellets are carefully formulated from premium quality, selected ingredients to attract a wide variety of wild birds to the garden.

✓ Dawn Chorus peanuts and sunflower seeds are carefully selected to provide a wide variety of wild birds with a high energy food source.

✓ Dawn Chorus fatballs come in various flavours, including Original, Fruity, Insect, Nutty, Berry and Mealworm.

✓ Dawn Chorus suet treats are carefully formulated to provide a high energy food source to a wide variety of wild birds.

Bird Fatballs
50 Fatballs
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Mark Smith

Throughout the years, as a smaller independent shop, we have used several suppliers for our products. Bulldog Products are perfect for our needs. Both their Linkpet and Dawn Chorus ranges are loved by customers and the quality of the products is excellent.

Marshall Bryce

We have been a regular customer of Bulldog Products for many years now and not once has the service or the products let us down. The staff are all knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and the sales process flows quickly and efficiently leading to an overall quality and hassle free experience.

Jonathan Black

We recently used Bulldog's own label pet food services and are very happy with the results and the process. From the first phone call, the steps were laid out clearly to ensure we were familiar with the process. They then designed and ultimately produced a quality product at a very competitive price.

Kirstyn Long

Bulldog consistently offers the lowest prices for such high quality pet food products and we stock their products in several stores around the UK. Their sales team is very helpful and is also very responsive to any questions or queries we had during the process.